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Comptrue LLC Care approach is introduced to help people positively adapt the emerging technologies. The internet world is changing and growing at a fast pace. With benefits of technology we also face certain challenges in the form of malicious programs, worms, viruses, trojan horses and many more such to add in future. Whether you use internet for work, banking, shopping, playing games, social networking or emails; there is always a potential risk of viruses and trojans, worms or other malicious programs entering your network or your PC. In such a scenario it becomes a priority to keep your data safe and protected from these malicious programs.

Whether its related with installation or uninstallation of a antivirus program, or may be configuratuion or dealing with a virus attack, its always better to have a trusted help! From the comfort of your home you may contact Comptrue LLC techies in order to get help. Here at Comptrue LLC, we have a dedicated team of professionals to address your technical issues and provide you a quick resolution so that your business hours are not wasted. You may rely on our tech professionals to address the technical issues while you may focus on your core business and activities. Some of the support services we provide may be available for free by the vendor.

Assistance by Comptrue LLC Buddies for all your antivirus issues !


The technology is growing at a fast pace to keep up with the changing trends and new challenges that the users face. Many companies provide antivirus programs for home users and businesses as per their requirements to keep their computer and data safe. At times this antivirus product Installation can run into problems like conflicts with other security softwares on your PC, product key related issues, multiple licences, configuration issues, conflict with other applications resulting in slow functioning of your PC, compatibitity of your PC settings with antivirus products etc. The team at Comptrue LLC will identify the problem and assist you through the right procedure, if you are not able to install your preferred Antivirus program in your PC. We are available 24*7 and just a call away!


To keep up with the changing trends, its always advised to keep updating your antivirus program. At times if you are not computer savvy, you might needs assistance for such updations. With regular updates schedule the performance of an antivirus gets polished regularly and more advanced specifications get added to the existing functionalities. We, at Comptrue LLC, understand the importance of updation and the related problems you might face. We will help you fix it in short duration and make sure that your system is up and running in no time! Comptrue LLC professionals give holistic tech support for your preferred antivirus software updates besides making your computer entirely free from viruses and various other threats.

Optimize & Repair

Comptrue LLC Tech professionals will help you remove registry issues, junk files, and useless data and defragment your system and speed up your computer to keep up with the times. Comptrue LLC technical PC optimization service has been designed to speed up your computer's performance. Your computer can run out of capacity over time and tends to slow down due to un-required files and useless data. PC tune-up rejuvenates your computer and it will function like new again.

Comptrue LLC technical support enhances your computer speed, fixes basic system problems, improves OS performance, registry cleanup, optimizes the memory of your computer, manages the programs in your system and provides assistance for problems related with any antivirus security solutions for your computer. Call on out toll free number for instant assistance round the clock!

Technical Support

Are you encountering any technical problems with your Computer? Is it disturbing you to perform better and maximize work output at home or office premises? If yes, you can rely on our trusted computer tech support services for any issues with your desktop, laptop, software, and other peripheral devices.

Comptrue LLC provides unparalleled tech support to fix all PC issues instantly and to accelerate the speed and performance of your computer amazingly. Comptrue LLC tech professionals comprises of professionally trained and technically competent technicians to handle and provide you the best computer tech support solution to issues ranging from installing and setting up PC devices, software, printers, and other peripherals to optimizing PCs, diagnosing and resolving software conflicts, removing virus infection and providing consultancy for PCs, software, antivirus programs and printers etc.

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